A step by step guide to ignite your brand on social media for beginners

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We both know what it’s like social media marketing for beginners it can be overwhelming where do you even begin?

Step 1: Choose the Right Social Network

Choosing the right networks to begin social media marketing for beginners can make or break your business. Yeah, there’s a lot of them whether it’s Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Snapchat…and the list goes on.

It’s up to you. You could be on all of ’em. If you are though, you might end up half-assing your efforts.

It’s better to not be a part of all the social networks than do a half-assed job…’cause you won’t get much reach.

Pick one or two social networks and do an amazing job.

Nowadays, social media algorithm is so strict that you have to be great for it to work.

Which social networks are most suitable for you? Here’s a few things to consider when making your choice.

  • Are you B2B (business-to-business)? LinkedIn and YouTube is a great choice
  • What if you’re B2C (business-to-consumer)? Facebook, Instagram and YouTube are your platforms
  • What type of content do you like creating? Are you great at creating videos, posting status updates, taking great photos?
  • Who is your target audience? If you’re targeting an older demographic, use Facebook. If you’re targeting a younger demographic, go for IG and Snapchat.

Now that you’ve figured out which social network(s) you want to be on…

Step 2: Optimize Your Social Media Profiles

Start with setting up your profile and complete EVERYTHING.

I cannot stress this enough.

Fill out your bio and let people know the benefits they’ll get from you – don’t list out features. Give them a reason to like or follow you.

Why not optimize your bio for search engines? Instead of just filling in your company name, let the search engines know what you’re all about. Business coach or real estate agent, anyone?

Step 3: Start Creating Content

If you’re not sure what content to create, look at your competitors and indirect competition to see what content is doing well for them. if you don’t know how to write content, you can share links or create videos.

Tip: Use BuzzSumo to see what content resonates with your audience!

Let’s say you’re opening a restaurant. You want to check out what successful restaurants are doing on social media and see what’s working for them.

Write captions that convert and people can connect with. Images stop people from scrolling in their feed but the caption is what creates engagement.

Here’s a checklist of things you can do to improve your content:

Tips for Instagram Posts

  • To stop people scrolling in their feed, make sure your visuals are amazing

  • Make sure you’re using the same filter for all your posts so it looks consistent

  • Your posts should all follow the same template – make it so that people know it’s your post just on visuals alone

  • When you’re just starting out, it’s a good idea to have a small logo somewhere on your post

  • Use a combination of large and small hashtags for best visibility

  • Don’t spam hashtags, make sure you rotate them

  • Study your audience using Instagram insights and find the perfect time to post

Tips for Social Media Marketing For Beginners on Facebook 

  • Amazing visuals to stop people scrolling in their feed

  • Target your posts to your correct audience

  • Ensure your post is mobile-friendly

  • Write something short and to the point (max 90 characters)

  • Include a call to action

  • Schedule your posts at the time where your audience is most active

Step 3: Build a Connection with People

This is the most important part of social media marketing for beginners. Build a connection with people, it’s a social network.

If it’s somebody you don’t know, you have to work to build a connection.

Search for people in your space; help them out, that’s how you engage. If there are people asking questions, respond to them.

Over time, as you engage, you’ll build a lasting relationship and they become a loyal follower. It’s not about quantity but the quality of your followers.

Pro Tip: Don’t just go for follower count!

It’s about valuable personal connections. If you got a million fans but only 50 people are engaging, the social network algorithms will look at your terrible engagement rate and will determine that your content sucks.

If you have 100 followers and 80 people engage, the algorithm will think your content is awesome and will show it to more people.

Bottom line: it’s about the most amount of engaged relevant fans.

Finally, do not push people to your business from day one. Do not promote until at least 3-6 months later.

If you’re a guy and you just go up to a woman and ask her to sleep with you, you’ll get a slap in the face.

Same concept here – you have to build a relationship before you ask somebody to buy.


If you’re still confused, leave a comment below. I can help you out, just let me know!

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